6 Ways To Help Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

This years theme for Mental Health Awareness Week in ‘Kindness’. Kindness is a great response to the Coronavirus outbreak and can have a huge impact on people’s mental health.

Your mental health and general well-being, is much more than just what goes on in your mind. It’s your overall psychological well-being—the way you feel about yourself and others as well as your ability to manage your feelings and deal with everyday difficulties. This can also have rather a big impact on your body too, as everything is deeply connected.

With keeping kindness in mind, we thought we would share with you our top ways of boosting your mental wellbeing. A few members of our team have put together some of their top tips on how they deal with boosting their own mental wellbeing.

Tell Yourself Something Positive

Holly Harden-Sweetnam, Marketing Executive

“It’s easy to stand in front of a mirror and point out things you don’t like about yourself. Many people do it, including me but it can actually be rather detrimental to your health. Next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, tell yourself three positive things about yourself. This could be anything from physical appearance, to your skills and attributes, to even how you recently handled a difficult situation. That mean little voice inside your head, tries to trick you into thinking bad things. Don’t let it, tell yourself a few positives affirmations each day to fight negativity.”

Start a Gratitude Notebook

Tom Davies, Chief Executive

“Often we get caught up with life. Our grand plans, everyday tasks and often worrying about things which aren’t important.  We need to remember to stop, look around and be grateful for what we have and the amazing world we live in.  A good way to start doing this is to jot a few of them down in a notebook. It’s fascinating to see how many of the things we’re grateful for get buried under everything else we have to do.”

Get Some Exercise In

Sophie Johnson, Operations Manager

” Whether you choose to run, walk, cycle (it all depends on how energetic you’re feeling), just being outside and getting some exercise can make me feel 10 times better than before I left the house! Anything that can get your mind distracted and forget what’s going on. Also exercising produces endorphins which is the happy hormone!”

Get Up, Dressed & Ready Everyday

Darcie Walker, HR & Payroll

“My biggest tip, especially for during lock-down, is to get up, get dressed and get ready as if you were going out somewhere. It’s easy just to live in lounge-wear when you’re doing nothing every day, but to boost your moral get ready as if you’re going out! It boosted my confidence massively and now I feel better every day.”

Find a Creative Outlet

Holly Harden-Sweetnam, Marketing Executive

“If you can find a creative outlet, like painting, drawing, singing, gardening, DIY projects, or anything that you can immerse yourself in. By having projects and hobbies, even if you only do them on your own (there’s no shame in having alone time), you can feel uplifted, present and productive. All of which will definitely make you feel better.”

Being Outisde & Enjoying Nature

Tara Buffini, Operations Manager

“Being outside, pottering in the garden, talking walks or anything that involves having some time outsides can help you appreciate the beauty of life. Nature and wildlife are delightfully peaceful and bliss”.

Gaining Perspective with the Stars

Dan Turner, Marketing Manager

“If you look up at the stars and remember how big the universe is, to can help you to see how small our problems might be. Whilst sometimes our issues feel heavy, dark and inescapable, just remember how old the universe is. This can help you to priorities what needs sorting first, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and then you can enjoy life even more.”

Today, you have the power to start taking positive steps towards improving your mental state and building up good mental well-being habits.

It’s best not to wait until you find yourself in a crisis to make your mental health a priority.  It’s also much easier to create new habits when you are feeling good about yourself. Once you’ve got to grips with these ways of boosting your mental well-being you can start to implement them into your everyday life.

Why not share with a friend, a family member or someone you trust how you’re feeling today. Let’s encourage those around us to open up about how they’re feeling. Talking about a problem with someone else often can make it seem less daunting or troubling.

A problem shared is a problem halved… #KindnessMatters