The Ultimate Comfort Grub to Banish All Hunger

So You Think You Know a Good Burger?

Picture this, you’ve been working hard all day long and now you find yourself suffering from some, certainly not life threatening, but serious enough to cause absolute ‘hanger’ (a common sensation of bad-tempered-ness as a result of hunger), hunger pains.

There’s no uncertainty, you know there will be hideous traffic on your commute home (after all it is 5 pm on a sunny Friday evening), so you ask yourself, can I really wait that long until I get some munch? The answer is no. You scan your brain, questioning ‘where can I get a meal that will genuinely banish hunger, that isn’t ‘fast-food’ but quick to order and won’t break the piggy-bank?’

Then you remember you’re due to meet ‘the gang’ after work, in the local pub for a very much needed catch up over a few light hearted refreshing beverages.

Suddenly the quest for grub seems further away than ever before. Perhaps you’ll just have to have a mid-night snack when you eventually get home? Or maybe worse, will you just have to wait until the morning..?

Rummaging around what you’ve always thought is an extraordinarily deep pocket (the collaboration between fashion and practicality, really seem to be a thing of the past) you shuffle out your phone. Swipe, unlock, and queue frantically scrolling down the call log list (the ‘hanger’ is really starting to kick in now), to search for one of the said friends you’re due to meet later.

You: “Hey *insert friends name here*, I hate to be a bit of a flake and I’m sorry to let you all down, but I’m not going to be able to make it – I’m starving and I’ve got to get some proper grub in me!”

Friend: “What are you talking about? The Bull have an absolutely cracking menu, in fact I was thinking of ordering something as I missed my lunch.”

You: “Yes, but I really don’t want to spend that much…”

Friend: “Hush now friend, The Bull is so reasonably priced, in-fact they have rather a scrumptious burger, how’s about that?”

Ah, finally the quest for food in good time, at a reasonable price, that will really banish all hunger is over. The ‘hanger’ feelings begin to lift with the sheer reassurance that you won’t be going hungry tonight.

Let Us Introduce the Mighty Dry Aged Double Rib Cap Burger

It’s topped high with fresh green lettuce, homemade red slaw, crispy bacon and Swiss cheese, sandwiched together with a brioche bun and served with a stack of skin on fries.

Sounds pretty good right?
How much is it you ask? £16.